Clean Air

The First Foundation of Sustainable living is CLEAN AIR. 

However, our right to breathe clean air is being compromised and our planet is facing a major crisis with climate change.

As a modern day society, we have become far too reliant on energy dervied from fossil fuel.  Atmospheric pollution levels are at the highest levels they have even been in human history. The Earth's temperature is rising.  Smog alerts are now an everyday part of life. There is no doubt we are on a crash course towards destroying the most important resource known to human life - OXYGEN.

By disrupting and destroying the oxygen we breathe, we not only DIRECTLY compromise human health, we INDIRECTLY create other serious problems.  The Oil we use to power the world economy leads to carbon emissions that not only polute the air, they increase the temperature of the plant - Global Warming. This Climate Change is now triggering storm reactions and melting ice caps that has and will continue to destroy human and animal life.

Help Earthonn help you understand and implement the solutions designed clean our air, improve our health and protect our habitat!


EarthONN was designed to help you understand and implement a SOLUTION –

As a global nation we must work together to lower our dependency on fossil fuels.  To accomplish this, we must make more educated buying decisions.  This begins with consciously purchasing more fuel efficient vehicles that get more Kilometers per liter of gas.

EarthONN has identified the Volvo S60 as one of the most fuel efficient stylish sedans on the road today.  EarthONN Founder, Ryan Foley , recently purchased this vehicle as his primary form of transportation to drive the EarthONN movement forward.  Ryan indicated to news reporters;

“It is very difficult to sift through all the information out there and make the 'right' choice.  Should you go SLEV II, Hybrid, ULEV-II, etc.  At the end of the day you want a car that gets more Kilometers per liter of gas while simultaneously emitting the very least carbon dioxide emissions while simultaneously balancing passenger safety. I have proudly chosen to drive a Volvo S60 because Volvo's relentless commitment to both passenger SAFETY and ENVIRONMENT.  The VOLVO S60 is a ULEV II - Ultra Low Emissions Vehicle.  ULEV II is one of the highest standards in Environemental Emmisions Testing and this technology will gain momentum”


EarthONN Organization Spotlight


Why was it necessary to redesign the turbine?

With 90% of North America’s actual wind resources below 9 mph (14.5 km/h) on average, it was essential to develop a technology capable of starting-up in wind speeds as low as 2 mph (3km/h) and remaining operational through 42mph (68km/h). Traditional turbines rarely start turning before 7.5 mph (12 km/h) and shutdown by 29 mph (47 km/h) to protect their mechanical systems. It is this greater capture and conversion of available wind energy that enables the Honeywell Wind Turbine to provide such a meaningful percentage of a home’s energy needs.

The Honeywell Wind Turbine’s Power Blade System creates energy at the blade tips, rather than through a central gear and rotor used in most turbine technology. By eliminating the resistance of a central gear and shaft, significant efficiencies are gained in cost and energy output. The Honeywell Wind Turbine is less expensive to own and operate while generating energy across a broader range of wind speeds (wind classes)

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